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About the Property


I drove down this road, and it reminded me of a country lane from days not so long ago…  The nostalgia of it all, no lines, no traffic noise,  just a peaceful, meandering road. 

This farm was for sale and  being a Wine Grape Grower I saw endless possibilities… also coming from an Agri-Tourism perspective saw destination tourism written all over this place. 

I often walk in the grassland park up the hill from us and from that vantage point it gives us inspiration …

The Vines shaping a Glass in the Vineyard was born as a fitting legacy…

Mission statements – 

Company policies – Are there company policies that are particularly important to your business? Perhaps your unlimited paternity/maternity leave policy has endeared you to employees across the company. This is a good place to talk about that.

About the Founder – In 1996 there were about 1200 acres were already planted and added 75 acres as well as the first successful commercial grower in the Similkameen Valley.

I began my plan and planted the largest vineyard in the valley. Even more boldly with viniferagrapes and 70% reds to top it off! Big risk and everyone I knew at the time in the industry said it wouldn’t be successful!

Andres Wines agreed to purchase the fruit which launched theplanting and the project was very successful and following my success the many more vineyards and wineries have started in the valley.

- BC Grape Growers Association 1999 - 2012 I was a director - BC Wine Institute 2001 - 2007 I was a director - BC Agriculture Tour Alliance 2005 - 2009 I was a director - BC Starling Control Association founded in 2012 created. It is now funded by growers, regional districts, Provincial Government, Federal Government and 100% supported by BC-SPA, WWF as well as the birding associations across the province.  

Through my affiliations as a director of these groups and knowing most of the wineries and growers in the Similkameen I was able to make introductions and created alliances that created Similkameen Wine Growers Association and have helped shape the industry to what it is today.  

Generally speaking, that makes me a pioneer in the BC wine business and now I see a bright  future in the winery business :)

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There is a peacefulness here that is hard to explain. Perhaps its the mountains embracing the valley that provides the feeling of comfort.